Print-Pro-Matic Optional No-Print

In this example, the option to include a specific element is provide by using a checkbox. This feature was introduced in Print-Pro-Matic version 2.0-beta-210121

The default print target will be the article element. The image of the donkey has been assigned a class of ‘logo’. Now we need to create our print trigger and a checkbox:

[print-me title="Print Trigger"/]

<label><input type="checkbox" id="ppm_odnp" value=".logo">Donkey Free Print</label>

The checkbox must have an ID of ppm_odnp (because print-pro-matic optional do not print is a bit long). The value is the optional do not print selector, so .logo is for items with a class of ‘logo’, while #logo is an item with an id of ‘logo’.

Here is a working demonstration.

Print Trigger

Archive-Pro-Matic Birthmonth Grid

Normally archives will be shown in a unordered list (ul) element:

[archives type="birthmonth" order="ASC" /]

However, this (or any) unordered list can be formatted using css. Here is an example of how to turn the list in to a grid using the CSS columns attribute:

First, we define a UL class that we can later assign:

ul.grid {
    list-style: none;
    columns: 4;

Now we just need to assign this class to our list:

[archives type="birthmonth" order="ASC" class="grid" /]

Archive-Pro-Matic Decade Filters

As of Archive-Pro-Matic version 1.1.10 we have added two filters two filters for the decade archives list:

Filter: apm_decade_archive_list

apm_decade_archive_title is used to display how the decade appears in the archive list. The default list is YYYY’s, for example:


apply_filters('apm_decade_archive_list', $text, $decade);

This filter can be used to change how the decade list is displayed by adding the following to the function.php file in the child-theme.

add_filter( 'apm_decade_archive_list', 'list_decade_range', 10, 2 );
function list_decade_range($text, $decade){
   $text = $decade.' - '.($decade + 9);
   return $text;

Filter: apm_decade_archive_title

apm_decade_archive_title is used to display the title of the decade archive page. The default title is The YYYY’s for example:
The 2000’s

apply_filters('apm_decade_archive_title', $title, $decade);

And would be used by adding the following to the child theme’s function.php file:

add_filter( 'apm_decade_archive_title', 'decade_range_title', 10, 2 );
function decade_range_title($title, $decade){
   $title .= ' ('.$decade.' - '.($decade + 9).')';
   return $title;

Here is an example shortcode that will list an archive of posts by decade:

[archives type="decade"/]
this is a caption

Archive-Pro-Matic Birthday and Birthmonth types

This is a test of two new types of Archive-Pro-Matic archive lists:
Birthday: Show all posts published on the same day of the year
Birth Month: Show all post published on the same month, regardless of year

Birth Month

[archives type="birthmonth" order="ASC" /]


[archives type="birthday" order="ASC"/]
[archives type="birthday" order="ASC" sub_options="true" sub_order="ASC"/]
[archives type="birthday" order="ASC" sub_options="true" sub_order="ASC" show_empty="true"/]
[archives type="birthday" order="ASC" sub_options="block" sub_order="ASC" show_empty="true" tag="div" sub_ul_class="my_slim_ul" li_class="block_archive_item" empty_class="grey"/]

Collapse-O-Matic Nested Grouping

This is a test of nesting grouping. First, nested highlander grouping:

[expand title="This" rel="main-highlander"]
[expandsub1 title="This One" rel="this-highlander"]One[/expandsub1]
[expandsub1 title="This Two" rel="this-highlander"]Two[/expandsub1]
[expandsub1 title="This Three" rel="this-highlander"]Three[/expandsub1]

[expand title="That" rel="main-highlander"]
[expandsub1 title="That One" rel="that-highlander"]One[/expandsub1]
[expandsub1 title="That Two" rel="that-highlander"]Two[/expandsub1]
[expandsub1 title="that Three" rel="that-highlander"]Three[/expandsub1]
This One
This Two
This Three
That One
That Two
that Three

Collapse-O-Matic New Findme Options

This is a test of the new findme options available with collapse-o-matic. In addition to the values of ‘auto’ and a fixed numeric offset, the findme attributes now supports ‘trigger’ and ‘target’.


[expand title="trigger" findme="target"]hidden content[/expand]
hidden content

For target to make sense, there would need to be content between the trigger and target. We do this using the roll-your-own method:

<div class="collapseomatic find-me" id="my_example" title="trigger text" data-offset="-60" data-findme="target">trigger text</div>

some bulky content. Notice the offset of -60, this is to compensate for the sticky menu element at the top of the page.

<div id="target-my_example" class="collapseomatic_content ">Target Content</div>
trigger text

This is some bulky content… how about a picture of a donkey.

I am a donkey in a manhole.
Target Content
a caption
The Great Wave