Collapse O Matic and Using HTML Inside a Shortcode Attribute

Here is an example of using html inside a shortcode attribute:

[expand title='HTML Title']Here is some content[/expand]

HTML Title
Here is some content

As of 1.8.4 this will no longer work. Instead we need to use the tag attribute:
[expand tag='span' title='Non HTML Title']Here is some content[/expand]
Non HTML Title

Here is some content

Here is a test also using HTML in the swaptitle attribugte
[expand title='HTML Title' swaptitle='Hey Dude']Here is some content[/expand]

HTML Title
Here is some content
Here is some content

Collapse-Pro-Matic – Hide all other triggers

Client request: When one trigger is selected, hide all other triggers.
Well, let’s see. We can easily set up a highlander group, this will automatically collapse all other elements:

[expand title="Item 1" togglegroup="item-highlander"]Target Content[/expand]
[expand title="Item 2" togglegroup="item-highlander"]Target Content[/expand]
[expand title="Item 3" togglegroup="item-highlander"]Target Content[/expand]
Item 1
Target Content
Item 2
Target Content
Item 3
Target Content

Now, according to the highlander class feature, we can control the closed items CSS:

.item-highlander_closed { 
    display: none;