Archive-Pro-Matic Category Test

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This is a test for displaying archive-pro-matic category archives.

Single Category

[archives type="monthly" cat="collapse-pro-matic" /]

But what about taxonomies, post tags for example? We can get a monthly archive for a specific post tag like so:

[archives type="monthly" term="manhole" taxonomy="post_tag" /]

Or all post tags by month. The following will list only posts that have at least one post tag assigned, grouped by month:

[archives type="monthly" taxonomy="post_tag" /]

And as a drop-down list:

[archives type="monthly" taxonomy="post_tag" sep=" > " format="option" /]

Special request: Years and each year’s tags as a subsets in a select drop-down:

[archives type="yearly" taxonomy="post_tag" sep="—" format="option" sub_options="true"/]

New “Quarterly” type:

[archives type="quarterly" /]
[archives type="quarterly" format="option" sep=" - " sub_options="true" /]

Nes Archive Type “Seasonally”:

[archives type="seasonally" /]
[archives type="seasonally" format="option" sep=" - " sub_options="true" /]

collapse-o-matic with inline link

This is an example of a collapse element with an inline link.

[expand title="this is a test with a <a href=''>link</a>"]here is some hidden content[/expand]

the key is to use double quotes to wrap the title attribute and single quotes for the html inside the double quotes.

this is a test with a link
here is some hidden content