Archive-Pro-Matic – Quarterly and Seasonal Archives

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Archive-Pro-Matic has two new archive types (Quarterly and Seasonally) and a couple new advanced shortcode attributes to manage seperators (sep) and sub options as described below:

Quarterly Archives

Example of the new quarterly archive type:

[archives type="quarterly" limit="10" /]

Seasonal Archives

Seasonal archives are a bit more complex. First the plugin is currently limited to only four (4) seasons per year. The season names and starting dates can be defined in the plugin options as shown in the following screanshot:

Season names and dates are easily defined. Only the month and day is used, the year is ignored.

Simple example of seasonal archives:

[archives type="seasonally" limit="10" /]

New Attribute: sub_options

Setting sub_options to ‘true’ for quarterly or seasonally archive types will present the year with the quarterly or seasonal archives below like so:

[archives type="seasonally" sub_options="true" limit="10" /]

Of course this also works in a drop-down select element:

[archives type="seasonally" format="option" sub_options="true" limit="10" /]

However, when setting format=”option” the sub_options could use a little separation. Therefore we have created a new sep attribute:

New Attribute: sep

Same example as above, this time with some fancy sub_option separation, and highlight current season if on archive page:

[archives type="seasonally" format="option" sub_options="true" sep="— " highlight="active-season" limit="20" /]

Guttenberg Collapse-O-Matic Image Embed

This is a little test of how to embed an image in a guttenberg expand shortcode block. The issue this aims to resolved can be found here.

since there is not an easy way to ‘insert’ an image inside a shortcode, the raw html will have to be placed. First we insert an image in a normal Gutenberg block:

Then we need to grab the html for that image by editing the block as html. The source for the above image is:

<img src="" alt="" class="wp-image-2398"/>

So we paste that in the shortcode block… so all togher it looks like:

[expand title="click to view image"] <img src="" alt="" class="wp-image-2398"/> [/expand]

And here is an example of the whole shebang in action:

click to view image

Countdown Timer with Offset

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