Collapse-Pro-Matic Global Cookies

As of Collapse-Pro-Matic version 1.0.4 there is a new Global Cookie setting based on this thread by Grant Pax.


  1. Provide a unique name under Dashboard > Settings > Collapse-Pro-Matic > Global Cookie Name. For this example we will use monkeybucket
  2. provide ONE collapse element that will be used to set the global cookie value. This master trigger element must have the following attributes:
    • cookiename="your_global_cookie_name"
    • trigclass="setall"

    [expand title="Expand All" swaptitle="Collapse All" cookiename="monkeybucket" trigclass="setall"/]


Expand All
expand 1
this is the first expand item
expand 2
this is the second expand item
expand 3
this is the third expand item
expand 4
this is the forth expand item

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