Collapse-O-Matic > Lock Open

An element can be set to ‘lock open’ once it has been expanded by setting trigclass=”colomat-expand-only”:

I am a normal expand
I am a locked open expand

Also works for grouping (Star Wars will lock open):


Star Wars
Target Content
Star Trek
Target Content
Battlestar Galactica
Target Content


Space Race
Target Content
Ansari X Prize
Target Content

Also works for highlander-grouping (Monkeys will lock open):


Target Content
Target Content

Also works for nested elements (level 3 will stay open):

Root Level
Nested Level 1
Nested Level 2
Nested Level 3
Nested Level 4
Nested Level 5
Nested Level 6
Nested Level 7

And of course expand/collapse all triggers:

Expand All
Collapse All

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