Collapse-O-Matic New Findme Options

This is a test of the new findme options available with collapse-o-matic. In addition to the values of ‘auto’ and a fixed numeric offset, the findme attributes now supports ‘trigger’ and ‘target’.


[expand title="trigger" findme="target"]hidden content[/expand]
hidden content

For target to make sense, there would need to be content between the trigger and target. We do this using the roll-your-own method:

<div class="collapseomatic find-me" id="my_example" title="trigger text" data-offset="-60" data-findme="target">trigger text</div>

some bulky content. Notice the offset of -60, this is to compensate for the sticky menu element at the top of the page.

<div id="target-my_example" class="collapseomatic_content ">Target Content</div>
trigger text

This is some bulky content… how about a picture of a donkey.

I am a donkey in a manhole.
Target Content
a caption
The Great Wave