T(-)Minus Countdown Years and Months

This is a quick test to try out the new years and month options added in version 2.3.20… this looks like it might end up being version 2.4.0 at this rate. Yup, it will be a major release.

Test 1 – Show it All

This test should show everything: Years, Months, Weeks, Days… and the rest.
[[tminus t="+410 days +10 sec" style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days +10 sec” style=”c-3po”/]

Test 2 – Omit Years

This test will omit the years, resulting in expanded months.
[|tminus t="+410 days" omityears="true" style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days” omityears=”true” style=”c-3po”/]

Test 3 – Omit Months – Keep Years

This test will display the years, but convert months to weeks.
[[tminus t="+410 days" omitmonths="true" style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days” omitmonths=”true” style=”c-3po”/]

Test 4 – Omit Years and Months

The title, pretty much says it all. No years, no Months… just a whole lott’a weeks:
[[tminus t="+410 days" omityears="true" omitmonths="true" style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days” omityears=”true” omitmonths=”true” style=”c-3po”/]

Test 5 – Omit Years, Months and Weeks

Days for days…
[[tminus t="+410 days" omityears="true" omitmonths="true" omitweeks=”true” style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days” omityears=”true” omitmonths=”true” omitweeks=”true” style=”c-3po”/]

Test 6 – Omit Weeks Only

No weeks, but the rest.
[[tminus t="+410 days" omitweeks="true" style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days” omitweeks=”true” style=”c-3po”/]

Test 7 – Omit Months and Weeks

No months, no weeks.
[[tminus t="+410 days +10 secs" omitmonths="true" omitweeks="true" style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days +10 secs” omitmonths=”true” omitweeks=”true” style=”c-3po”/]

Test 8 – Omit Years and Weeks

No years, no weeks.
[[tminus t="+410 days" omityears="true" omitweeks="true" style="c-3po"/]]

[tminus t=”+410 days” omityears=”true” omitweeks=”true” style=”c-3po”/]