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Collapse-O-Matic FAQ Trigger by Mouse Hover

Q: Can this work on mouseover or hover?

A: This is a question we get quite often. The plugin does not work with hover. We have created custom versions for clients in the past that does this, however you really need to think through how you will deal with touch devices that do not have a ‘hover’ state.

Also, when you hover over and item, how will your user close it? On mouse HoverOut is the easy answer, but then the user can never select or click on anything in the target area.

In short, it can be done but it’s a complex interaction that needs to be well planned out.

Here is an example of a plugin we custom built for a client.

2 Replies to “Collapse-O-Matic FAQ Trigger by Mouse Hover”

  1. This is a feature I was hoping to find, but what I was really looking for was some kind of delay like an accordion that loads expanded but collapses with animation after a specified 2-3 second delay of the page being fully loaded. I think this would work nicely on a simple page where I have a collapseable object called “requirements” above a subscription form. The requirements would make itself immediately noticeable with the animation but get tucked away after the page fully loads.

  2. Hey Jesse,
    This is not something that we would build into the free plugin, but if you wanted to upgrade to Collapse-Pro-Matic we would be happy to add a pause before initial collapse feature. Just contact us at the support channel listed in the purchase receipt and we’ll get you hooked up short order.

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