Collapse-O-Matic Image And Text Trigger

This is a test to see if both an image and text can be used as a trigger.


[expand title="<img src=''><br/>Trigger Text" trigclass="noarrow"]Hidden Target Content[/expand]

Trigger Text
Hidden Target Content

Without Text

[expand title="<img src=''>" trigclass="noarrow"]Hidden Target Content[/expand]

Hidden Target Content

Roll-Your-Own Method

With Text

<div class="collapseomatic noarrow" id="some_id_one" title="Hover over Trigger Text"><img src=""/></br>Trigger Text</div>
<div id="target-some_id_one" class="collapseomatic_content ">Hidden Target Content</div>

Trigger Text
Hidden Target Content

Without Text

<img src="" class="collapseomatic noarrow" id="some_id" title="Hover over Trigger Text">
<div id="target-some_id" class="collapseomatic_content ">Hidden Target Content</div>

Hidden Target Content

4 Antworten auf „Collapse-O-Matic Image And Text Trigger“

  1. Hello!

    I’m trying to make this code work on my WordPress (Health Coach theme) but it doesn’t work. I have quite a limited knowledge of CSS but would appreciate any help.

    Basically, I would like there to be an image and a heading underneath (styled to heading style h4) and when I click on either, the description expands below. I though I would copy the above code provided and replace with my info but I cannot seem to get the image to show up now style the heading.


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