Collapse-Pro-Matic Arrows

Default/Left Arrow:
[expand title="arrow to the left"]<-- see that, that's left[/expand]]
[expand title="arrow to the left"]<-- see that, that's left[/expand] Right Arrow: [[expand title="arrow to the right" trigclass="arrowright"]checkout what is to the right -->[/expand]

arrow to the right
checkout what is to the right –>

No Arrow:
[expand title="no arrow to be found" trigclass="noarrow"]the arrow is not to be found[/expand]

no arrow to be found
the arrow is not to be found

Both Left & Right Arrow:
This method requires the extra-trigger feature of Collapse-Pro-Matic and must be built using the roll-your-own method and a bit of css:

Magic CSS

Place the following css in the collapse-o-matic (or collapse-pro-matic) plugin options page, under Custom Style:

.magic_beans {
display: inline;
float: left;
margin-right: 1.2em;

.clear {
clear: both;

Roll-Your-Own Method w/ Magic CSS

<div class="collapseomatic magic_beans" id="doublearrow" title="double arrows!">double arrows!</div><div class="collapseomatic magic_beans" id="extra-doublearrow"></div>
<div id="target-doublearrow" class="collapseomatic_content clear"><--to the left, to the right--></div>

double arrows!
<--to the left, to the right-->