Print-Pro-Matic Placeholder Attribute

The placeholder attribute is used to add the print-me data to the page when print trigger and target will be added dynamically, for example: via AJAX or a Modal Window. This will not add the trigger to the page, just the targeting info for when the trigger is later displayed.

Custom Print Templates for Print-Pro-Matic

Note: This post assumes a basic understanding of WordPress templates and that a child-theme is being used. To create a custom print template we first need to define a query var to trigger the template.Add the following to the child-theme’s function.php file: Now WordPress will look for something like /?print_view=true at the end of any …

Ultimate Print-O-Matic Form Elements Test

This is a test for printing various forms using Print-O-Matic and Print-Pro-Matic plugins. Standard HTML Form This is some text inside the target div Boy Girl Dog ManWomanCanine OK, for some reason the current theme (Twenty-Seventeen) forces all form elements to display:none when printed. This works on other themes.