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Leo Love and Sex

Leo’s, being of a Fire sign, are heartfelt and passionate, being capable of expressing their feelings effortlessly and with transparency. Toward their beloved they […CLICK TO EXPAND] are giving, respectful, devoted and fun. They are strongly independent and driven, and so will try to be the dominate party of the relationship. The partner of a Leo may grow tired of being domineered, in particular if the Leo imposes their will upon matters that are not of their concern. In order to tolerate the Leo’s strong imposing will, the partner of a Leo needs to be learned and at an equivalent intellect. They also need to be willing to speak up for themselves and to defend their ground, else the blazing Sun of the Leo will scorch their personality. The Leo’s sex life is dynamic, fun and adventurous. They are very aware of the fine line separating love and sex, which can cause them trouble within an established relationship if they too often neglect to show intimacy or connect emotionally with their partner during love making. Ultimately, Leo’s want that their partners peer past their self-centered shell and look deep into their subconscious sensitive core, so as to search out their want of satisfaction resulting from a purposeful relationship. Leo Love Compatibility: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius! [CLICK TO HIDE]