Table of Contents Plus Test

Note: Currently de-activated to test Table of Content plugin.

This is a test that features a table of content from the Table of Contents Plus plugin as well as a collapse-o-matic expand element AND a collapse-commander element.
[toc wrapping=”right”]

This is an H1 heading

This is a heading

This is the content area and it has a collapse element in it:

[expand title="This is the expand element"]...and this is the target content[/expand]
This is the expand element
…and this is the target content

This is another h2 heading

This is an expand element element from Collapse Commander:

[expand cid="1398"/]
Test Expand Element
This is the content of the expand element early_oculous

This is a third h2 element

  • list item
  • list item
  • list item
  • list item

This is another H1 heading

Fourth heading element

Fifth heading, how do you like it?

Print-O-Matic Print Previous Element

The idea behind this feature comes form walpap on this thread.

Well, let’s see what it would take to do this. First we need to have a few paragraphs of text, this being the first. The idea is that after this sentence we will place a print-me shortcode and some funky targeting placeholder that will tell the function to print the element immediately preceding the print button.

Our first idea was to use %prev% as a place holder that sets the target to the element above the print button. We could also define %next% to print the element immediately following a print button.

This is an example of a text block that can be printed by clicking the print button placed at the start of this sentence. Now first lets see what this all looks like when the buttons are placed inline like that. One thing to keep in mind when using next, is the text to print must be placed in an element. For example between two p or span tags.