Collapse-O-Matic ID Tag In Link

A quick example of how to link to—and autoexpand—a collapse-o-matic element on the same page. Key: Assign the link a class of expandanchor like so:

[expand title="question 1" id="q1"]answer 1[/expand]
[expand title="question 2" id="q2"]answer 2[/expand]
[expand title="question 3" id="q3"]answer 3[/expand]
<a class="expandanchor" href="#q1">question 1</a>
<a class="expandanchor" href="#q2" rel="m_PageScroll2id">question 2</a>
<a href="#q3">question 1</a>
question 1
answer 1
question 2
answer 2
question 3
answer 3
question 1
question 2 (page scroll 2 id)
question 3 (no expandanchor class)