Collapse-O-Matic Partially Highlighted Trigger Text

In this example we will try to make part of the trigger text bit special by highlighting it with a special color or class.

So the first step is to create our special class. Add the following to the plugin option page under custom css:
color: red;

Next, we wrap the part of the trigger text we want highlighted in a span and assign the class. Be sure to use single quotes (‘) if the title element uses double quotes (“):
[expand title="This is <span class='whoopie'>really</span> special"]...[/expand]

The end results looks exactly like so:

This is really special
…and so are you.

This is what happens when you insert the CSS inline:

[expand title="Open: bold  green " swaptitle="Close"]Target Content[/expand]
[expand title="Open: bold" swaptitle="Close"]Target Content[/expand]
Open: bold green
Target Content
Open: bold
Target Content