Hover-O-Matic 0.4 Test

Roll-Your-Own Method:


1. has class: collapseomatic
2. has an id, example: ape


1. has class: collapseomatic_content
2. has id in the format target-trigger_id, example: target-ape

Internal Close Triger

1. has class: colomat-internalclose
2. has id in the format bot-trigger_id, example: bot-ape

Live Demo

ape mule

this is some lovely hidden ape content
internal close
this is some lovely hidden mule content. And here is a link to close the content.

Collapse-O-Matic Nested Spacing Issue

Solution 1: Remove all hard returns in source:

Observation and Interpretation

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Focus On: Topics


Observation and Interpretation

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Moravian Community Life

Women’s Roles

Material Culture

Purpose of Portraiture

The American Revolution: Boston

The American Revolution: Bethlehem, PA

The Artist: John Singleton Copley

The Artist: Johann Valentine Haidt

Discussion Questions

Primary Sources

Young Moravian Girl

  • Writings/ memoirs of 4 Moravian women
  • Extracts from Moravian diary confirming Haidt as teacher
  • Lafayette’s letter to his wife describing Bethlehem
  • Various Moravian portraits by Haidt and prints of Bethlehem

Mrs. George Watson

  • The death sermon of Mrs. Watson
  • Paul Revere’s print of the Bloody Massacre
  • John Singleton Copley’s letter about George Watson
  • George Watson’s resignation letter to Gen. Gage
  • Henry Pelham’s letter on Tea Party incident
  • Letter by Richard Clarke about tea shipment (Boston Tea Party)
  • Letter from Abigail Adams to Elizabeth Cranch about daughter of Mrs. George Watson
  • Various portraits of family members by Copley
  • Contemporary transcript of the Boston Massacre Trials

Print-O-Matic Exclude Test

This is some text that should be printed because it is in a div that has been assigned the *print* class.

This is some dirty text that should not be printed because it is in a div with the naughty *noprint* class

back to the print class, time to close things up.

Now for the shortcode:
[print-me target=".print" exclude=".noprint"]