Collapse-O-Matic > Multiple Triggers

First create a standard collapse element and assign it an id:
[expand title="This is the Master Trigger" id="multitrig"]

This is the Master Trigger
This is some text that when you click on the trigger you are able to read with your eyes. Well, your eyes are able to see the text, but I guess it’s actually your brain that reads the words and makes sense of them. But jokes on you! There is no sense to be made from these words because they are just pure jibber-jabber.

Now if an additional trigger link is needed, just insert a span with “collapseomatic noarrow” class and and id that is ‘bot-[the_target_id]’ like so:
<span class="collapseomatic noarrow" id="bot-multitrig">This is a second trigger</span>
This is a second trigger

Collapse-Pro-Matic Class Triggers

As of version 1.3.2 of Collapse-Pro-Matic an external trigger can also be assigned to any element using only class names. Check out collapse-pro-matic advanced external triggers for more information and a working demo.

Collapse-O-Matic Centered Titlte

This title is Left
This is left stuff that makes the wonky wank wonder spank

To center the text first add the following to the theme’s style.css file:
.centron {
text-align: center;

Next, add the trigclass=”centron” attributes to the expand shortcode:
[expand title="This title is Centered" trigclass="centron"]

This title is Centered
This is the text that makes the baw-bitty-baw-ba-baw-ba-baw-baw ditty bitty baw ditty dong de up chuck the monkey

Note: if the default tag is not already set to div, the tag=”div” attribute will need to be added as well.