Responsive Countdown Test

Here are the responsive countdown styles.


[tminus t=”+3 minutes” style=”carbonite-responsive” jsplacement=”inline”]


[tminus t=”+4 minutes 2 seconds” style=”cloud-city”] [tminus t=”2017-11-11 11:11:11″ style=”cloud-city”]

T(-) Countdown Entire Area Launch Text

When these countdowns hit zero they should should change…

T(-) Countdown

[[tminus id='free' t='+5 seconds']html[/tminus]]
[tminus id=’free’ t=’+5 seconds’]


is some “text” with a
normal line break and a
html ‘line break'[/tminus]

T(-) Countdown Control

[[tminus id='pro' cid='1451'/]]
[tminus id=’pro’ cid=’1451’/]