Ultimate Print-O-Matic Form Elements Test

This is a test for printing various forms using Print-O-Matic and Print-Pro-Matic plugins. Standard HTML Form This is some text inside the target div Boy Girl Dog ManWomanCanine OK, for some reason the current theme (Twenty-Seventeen) forces all form elements to display:none when printed. This works on other themes.

Print-O-Matic Icon Inline-Block CSS

This is how you modify the print-icon to have it show up in a simple menu. If we start with a simple right-aligned menu: <p style=”text-align: right;”><span class=”expandall”>Expand All</span> | <span class=”collapseall”>Collapse All</span> | </p> See how the icon jumps to it’s own line? Expand All | Collapse All | Let’s fix that. Step one, …