Annual Archive / Archive-Pro-Matic Shortcode Test

Here are a few tests of the archive pro matic shortcode:
[archives type="daily" limit="5"]

[archives type="weekly" limit="5"]

[archives type="monthly" limit="5"]

[archives type="yearly" limit="5"]

[archives type="yearly" limit="5" show_post_count="true"]

[archives type="decade"]


The post_type and cat_id attributes are available by upgrading to Archive-Pro-Matic.
[archives type="yearly" post_type="monkey" limit="5"]

[archives type="yearly" post_type="donkey" limit="5"]

[archives type="monthly" post_type="donkey" limit="5"]

[archives type="monthly" post_type="monkey" limit="5"]

[archives type="weekly" post_type="monkey" limit="5"]

[archives type="daily" post_type="monkey" limit="5"]

[archives type="yearly" cat_id="4" limit="5"]

[archives type="alpha" cat_id=4 limit="5"]


By default alpha and postbypost lists are always displayed A-Z descending. To change the order of alpha or postbypost, the alpha_order or post_order attributes must be used.

Alpha type archives have a default order of ASC:
[archives type="alpha" limit="5"]

To change this set the alpha_order attribute to DESC:
[archives type="alpha" alpha_order="DESC" limit="5"]

Post-by-post archive types have a default order of DESC (new descending to old posts):
[archives type="postbypost" limit="5"]

To change this set the post_order attribute to ASC (old ascending to new posts):
[archives type="postbypost" post_order="ASC" limit="5"]

New as of version 1.0

[arcpromat type="alpha" cat_id="4" limit="5"/]

New as of version 1.0.4

[archives type="alpha" cat_id="4" limit="10" alpha_headings="true"/]

Styling with CSS

To style the css you can wrap the shortcode in a div with a specific class or id like so:

<div class="my_archive">
    [archives type="weekly" post_type="monkey" limit="5"/]

And then define the UL and LI CSS like so:

.my_archive UL {
    list-style-type: circle;

The result:

Here is a post by post:

here is an alpha

and in reverse:

Here is a CPT (monkey) and Taxonomy (location) and term (Europe):
[archives type="yearly" post_type="monkey" taxonomy="location" term="Europe"/]

Post by post:
[archives type="postbypost" post_type="monkey" taxonomy="location" term="Europe"/]